Thursday, January 4, 2018

Traveling the world with our family, well here's our reality folks

We love to go on vacations to many places as a family, but reality is that we cant go everywhere, it is just too complicated.
We recently were able to finally get Braydon on a plane ride. This was the scenario. We flew to go to Disneyland. Most may know this, but in case you don't Braydon has a problem with laughter. It causes him to get upset and start to kick and want to be out of earshot of the laughter. Very hard thing to have such a hard time with since it is such a normal thing for us all to do. So think of being stuck in a plane with someone who has laughed and to Braydon he will wait and anticipate the next laugh so much that he will freak out and want away from that person immediately.(This has been the hardest thing to work with on him and it still is a work in progress) Also Braydon is too big to sit in a car seat on the plane(at least his seat his too large to fit in a airline seat) so Justin had to sit next to him and have an arm around him the entire flight, constantly pulling him up as he would slide down in the seat. He did this for the entire 2 1/2 flight, Justin is amazing, but gosh that stinks because I don't think we could do it any longer than that. Renting a car isn't easy either one that will accommodate his large car seat and wheelchair plus our entire family?? Hotel rooms. He usually requires a his own bed and I found these really cool portable bed rails that keep him from rolling off the bed: Find them here  Then there is bathing him. We use a roll in shower with a special shower seat at home, which is not easily transportable. So trying to bathe super strong 5 foot tall kid is never easy. I say all this but want you to realize that Braydon has seen and done more things in his life than a lot of kids his age, let alone with his disability. We somehow make it work. We have too, we have other members of our family too and need to be there for everyone of them. So traveling with our family is doable not easily but can somehow be done.
We all(7 of us) went to Disneyland in October and Braydon has grown so much that he is able to sit in an airline seat with his feet touching the floor, so he basically sat all alone support wise. Also our check-in gate attendant suggested we take the first row, leg room a plenty no one in front of him to kick their seat. It was amazing!!! This is a total game changer for us. Just need to figure out some of the other items mentioned that would make it a little easier for us when we travel.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Our last few months

The last few months we have had A LOT going on. We had family visiting so with that.....

Jake finished his second year of college so we headed out to celebrate with lunch


Tony, Lindsay and their kiddos came for a much needed visit. We had lots of fun and visited many places, ate lots of food, laughed and even earned a few years back running after three little kiddos again:
a trip to Lollipop park


We had snow in May while they were visiting, nice change for them and certainly made for a change in temps for all of us. We went to the Butterfly pavilion


Madisyn's last band concert of the school year

My mom was here to celebrate her 70th!!! Doesn't she look amazing!! Glad she was here so we could celebrate with her.  We all went out to  her favorite place to celebrate.

 Which was followed by Cayson graduating high school and 4 years of early morning seminary(church class he attended for four years and waking up at 5am everyday). I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. I have 3 children now that have graduated from high school. What??? Our house is getting so quiet and empty. This is so hard!!! 

We heard off to our yearly trip to Glenwood springs. So glad to have some extra family to come along this trip

 Just before grandma Diane left we made it to the Denver zoo. We had an awesome day of fun there. The weather was perfect. We had animal activity. Mostly had a good day together as a family. 

Braydon and I celebrated our birthday. Grandma Diane bought us an ice cream cake, we went to dinner with some of our favorite friends, had lunch with my sister in law and a few friends. 

We decided to get back into camping since not going in almost 8 years. So what's a better birthday present then a new camping trailer? 
This is going to be our much needed adventure's with Braydon. So much easier on him knowing where he will be sleeping and having some comforts of home. 


Cayson headed off to his last year of High Adventure Scout camp and Madisyn headed off to YW Camp. 


Excited to share our summer adventures and all the change that comes with the coming months!!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

I am honestly a good person but....

For quite sometime now I have been thinking about our life with a special needs kiddo or atleast one aspect of it.  There is a truly good reason that I enjoy my free time. I feel I have earned it  as should anyone, but what I really mean  I am not sure if everyone understands. You see Justin and I have been caring for someone for the last 22 years since the birth our first. I mean we have been caring for someone for 24/7 for the last 22 years. Braydon will be turning 15 this June and since his birth we have been doing everything for him. He isn't able to dress himself, feed himself(you get what I am saying, he needs us for EVERYTHING). As with that I don't think most people understand that when he is at school, I have time for ME. So with that I apologize that I am not one who openly says I would love to watch your kids, because frankly I can't it is so exhausting on us everyday, day in and day out, that when I am free for the day I want to truly be free. I use this time to do anything but think about being a special needs parent, let alone a parent in general, HA HA.  I love invitations from friends to go and do something(HINT!HINT!) because after those short 6-7 hours the routine starts over. This is not a plea for sympathy. I just want people to see it from my perspective. It is hard for me to not feel guilty about this too. I remember being a younger mom with kids in tow and have always been fortunate enough to be home with them. I understand every mom who has a baby along with a toddler or a mom who has young school aged children and little ones at home. I have been there and I have done that too and it is exhausting, BUT I am still caring for one who cant care for themselves. Just think of how exciting it is with each kid as they learn to dress themselves or feed themselves, when they learn to entertain themselves and finally when they are old enough to be at home by themselves? It is a wonderful time in every mom's life to have these things happen. It has happened to me 4 times now, but think about it I am still in the constant routine of  feeding, dressing, entertaining and being this person constantly there cause they cannot be alone. Need I also say that physically the demands are harder as the years go on for obvious reasons, he isn't getting any smaller. I know many of you see Braydon as part of our family because only the strong or righteous are blessed with someone who is such a special spirit like that, but that doesn't make the reality any easier folks. IT IS ONE THE HARDEST THINGS EVER!!!
I wrote about this because I needed to get it out there that even though the typed version of our life sounds rough, I know for a fact we wouldn't change a thing. We've made it work, we're making it work, After all aren't we all a work in progress??

Friday, April 7, 2017

Is it Really 2017??

I wanted to get back into blogging again for a couple reasons, first would be the most obvious to make a record(digital) of our family events, history, etc. and second to share some experiences, lessons, enlighten, and give an overall picture of how we exist and cope as a family with a special needs child.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Where have I been??? Time to catch up

I am going to try and catch up on my blog. I cant believe it has been 4 years since I have posted on this. So much to say and so many photos to add. I think it may be blog overload from me for a little bit while I catch up on this. Updates coming soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

November 2010

The month started out with Madisyn having a crazy hair day at school. She is the first of my kids to really want to participate in spirit/dress up days at school. The boys never seemed to take in interest in it. So we made some twisty-twirly ponytails all over her hair.

Jacob turned 14 and enjoyed his first gluten-free cake. He is an amazing child. It is nice to know that he willing does everything(most the time days before it needs to be done) on his own, without having to be reminded. He earns all A's and doesn't even have to try too. He sits down everyday and reads his scriptures(can't say he learned that from me). He has already mapped out his next six to eight years. He knows where he wants to go to college and would love to be a writer or illustrator. Have I ever mentioned the stacks and stacks(Not joking) of notebooks that he has drawn and written stories in? He continues to amaze us with his knowledge and is such a blessing to our family.

I think our family dynamics are quite interesting and unique. We have our obvious stand outs for sure, but each one of us is so perfectly fit in our family. Not one of our personalities are the same. We often tease that so and so is our favorite child, but I know all of my children know that we love each of them the same and expect things from them on different levels that they are capable of achieving. Our kids struggle at times, because they know that Braydon requires a lot of our time and attention, but at the end of the day they all know we love them and how important they are in making our family a "FAMILY".

WE had a very quiet Thanksgiving this year. We celebrated with just the seven of us. Since I started working at BBW I knew I would be working on Black Friday, so for the first time in about seven years I didn't get up and go out with all the crazies to do some shopping of my own, but I really didn't miss it this year. I think I mostly missed the fun that I would have with either going out with my sister in law or my good friend Bridget.

Friday, January 28, 2011

More from October.....

This month also came with something I am experiencing for the first very first child got his learner's permit!!! Yes Kaleb is officially driving us around at times. I can't believe it!!!(Not that he is old enough to drive, just that I am old enough to have a child that drives!!!) He is doing quite well. Justin has been taking him out to the school parking lot in the the snow to get some of that experience down.
He also attended his first Homecoming dance. He went with a group of friends. They first had a catered dinner at a friends house, took pictures, then went to the dance and then after a few dances they headed over to a friends house to play basketball, games and eat more of course.
I also took a picture of him and two of his friends at one of our trips to the Halloween store.
Madisyn went to the high school's Spirit clinic, which was taught by the Varsity Pom team. She of course loved it!! Lindsay and Isabel(a couple of Kaleb's friends) took good care of her. They all learned a routine and then performed it at halftime of one of the football games.